Need to know More?

Getting a home loan does not have to be cumbersome and daunting.

All you need is a trusted loan expert who can give you honest advice

on the best financing for your needs.


Here are the simple steps involved in the loan process:

  • See if you can get pre-qualified!

    • Call me or meet in person to find out how much you can afford to pay for a new home, second home or investment property. Strengthen your bargaining position and make your offer stand out by getting pre-qualified. ​

  • House hunt for the perfect property.

    • Once a decision has been made- I will give you an approval letter for contractual purposes. ​

  • Meet with me to design a mortgage that will work for your life and explore the estimated costs. 

  • Send completed contract to my team, meet and sign appropriate documents.

    • We'll order an appraisal, title work and send your file through underwriting

  • If you meet all the conditions and qualify then we will move your loan into closing and celebrate at settlement!